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The Modern Streamers League (MSL) is a ten week Modern tournament consisting of two teams of streamers, both new and old, battling it out. The teams will meet two times a week for a weekly playoff to test their skills, while our rotating panel of broadcasters (including the players themselves) give you play by play commentary. 

The event will be split into two season halves of five weeks each and the winning team is determined by the number of most won season halves. For example, if Team A wins three weeks of the first half and Team B wins the other two weeks, then Team A wins the first half. Since there are only two halves, it is likely that we end up in a tie in the end. In that case the winner is determined by the highest number of won matches. That way, earning wins will be beneficial all the way through the end of the whole event.

The format of the weeks will look like the following:

  • Weeks 1,2,4 and 5 will have Modern Constructed. For those 4 weeks each player plays with one decklist only.

  • In Week 3 we have a wild format week, where players play a different format with different decks (TBD).

  • Weeks 6,7,9 and 10 are the same as weeks 1,2,4,5 except players can submit a new decklist.

  • Week 8 will look like week 3, with a different format and different decks (TBD).

There will be two teams of ten streamers competing for the win in this event. In one corner we have Team Fire consisting of Caleb Scherer, HellkatMTG, Didoguidotti1, Garret_Martin, Kappolo42, Robcastermage13, Susurrus_MTG, thetrihards3, vqwzx87, and Yamakiller. In opposition, Team Ice will be represented by CyrusSCG, DaviusMinimus, Fpawlusz, GhostXEmpire, KoDiamonds, NobleMurloc, PuntThenWhine, SodekMTG, SSpiderSpace, and last, but certainly not least TheSaintDoom. For more information on the competitors, visit our collaborating sites for player interviews, reviews and deck techs (see below).

Simply put, for you and me! We designed the MSL with the Modern community in mind. We set out with the desire and aspiration to provide great, quality content, and strengthen our ever growing community, streamer to streamer as well as streamer to you. We hope to achieve this while having quite a bit of fun and bringing awareness to charities.

On 15th of July the MSL will host our first inaugural matches, the following Thursday we will have the second set of matches. With each following week, we will continue to meet at the same time (start around 8-12 pm EST, exact time to be announced), on Monday and Wednesday to bring you that quality Modern Magic we were talking about.

The entirety of this event will be played on MTGO and hosted on Twitch. For the latest updates and (other stuff) throughout the competition, follow along with our Twitter, FB and collaborating sites:





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Daniel Pernusch

My magic career started when I created the Modern BGx Primers on MTGSalvation. Dedicating my focus on BGx, I subsequently created

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Michael Goldenberg

Started streaming this year after being active in the modern MtG community for years. I am very active in Reddit and Discord and my YouTube channel. Founder of MSL.

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  • YouTube - Grey Circle
Sean Secrease

Host of the MSL.

Chris Liao

Began playing Magic in Mirrodin. An avid fan of Modern and designer of this website. Co-founder of MSL.

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